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Alia Thabit

Does self-doubt, judgement, or worry keep you from your true self? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy life more? Wouldn’t you love to feel more creatively inspired? SE can help.

I provide SE sessions and SE-informed group and individual artist coaching, as well as in-depth courses on improvisation and other elements of Oriental (belly) dance. 

I teach and perform Oriental dance (belly dance, raqs sharqi), with a somatic, Sufi focus. I'm a writer, cartoonist, and café lover. With over forty-five years of Oriental dance experience, I wrote the book, Midnight at the Crossroads: has belly dance sold its soul? to celebrate Oriental dance as a cultural icon and jewel of stress-release and glory. 


“What Alia does is so much more than belly dance. I feel like every individual who studies with Alia goes on her own journey, a journey of healing, a journey of discovery, a journey of transformation, a journey of joy. What she is about so much more than just the moves and the history. That’s all been written before. Alia has a bigger gift than that. She leads dance journeys!” Julie Ann Eason, teacher, copywriter, marketing consultant. 



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Dancemeditation Teacher; Spiritual Belly Dance Teacher