Audrey Cooper

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Redemption Psychotherapy

I graduated with her Master of Arts in Counseling from Regent University in 2016 and have experience counseling college students, as well as individual adults seeking therapy through a local church. Although I feel particularly called to serve the Body of Christ, I honor and welcome clients of all belief and value systems.

As a clinician, I strive not only to ameliorate symptoms, but to address root causes. In doing so, I hope to foster long-lasting growth and healing in my clients' lives. My approach to counseling is founded on the premise that we, as human beings, are doing the best we can to survive and maintain a sense of balance. Furthermore, the innate strategies we employ toward that end are profoundly influenced by our past experiences. Instead of perpetuating the cycle of shame, I invite my clients to be curious about their own behavior and how it developed. I often find that seemingly unhealthy behaviors originated as adaptive means of coping with an unsafe environment.

Using this approach, I attend to a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, relational difficulty, grief and loss, and family of origin issues, among others. I also have a passion for trauma recovery and enjoy incorporating Somatic Experiencing® with each client I see.

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