Carie Szampanski


Carie Szampanski


I came into the world of trauma therapy through Somatic Experiencing training after I found myself in the depths of my own cPTSD. I spent some time sitting in the back of the room crying my way through the curriculum…then I found myself in a clearing. I am now in the unique position of intimately knowing both sides of this trauma equation.

I worked for the Austin Fire Department for 15 years before I retired. Since 2012 I have been executive director of a non for profit called Open Path. We host 3 day transformational workshops in which we work with a wide range of traumas. I have experience in both group and individual sessions.

I am currently offering individual tele-sessions


Open Path
Business Phone:
416 Valverde St
Taos, New Mexico, 87571
United States of America
Available Sessions:
Teletherapy Sessions Available Sliding Scale Available