Daphne A. Bye

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Daphne Bye

The body carries inarguable truth in ways that mental constructs alone do not. In my Somatic Therapy practice, we work tenderly with the many ways the body experiences and stores information. We foster embodiment, enhance strengths, bring ease to the nervous system, release stuck patterns, and build capacity to withstand difficulty. In a culture where the wisdom of our bodies has, until recently, been long overlooked, working in this way allows us to reclaim our inner authority, vibrancy and calm. Small shifts can happen within minutes. Yet, more often, over time, it can feel like we are gradually unwinding and awakening.

The process is gentle and safe, and can look like a paced, mindful conversation. Sessions may also include SE Touch, Reiki, guided visualization, movement, or energy work, and we make those decisions together. In-person sessions allow for table work, as desired.

Although I naturally integrate Focusing tools in somatic therapy, I also offer guided IRF sessions for both beginning and advanced Focusers who wish to work specifically in that modality. Inner Relationship Focusing teaches us how to be in mindful relationship with our body’s intelligence. It allows us to access and communicate with a full range of inner experience while observing it from a calm center. Focusing regularly can keep us centered, tuned-in, and confident.

I’ve been facilitating Inner Relationship Focusing workshops and trainings for over ten years. Please see my website for a current list of events.

I have had the privilege of following two career tracks simultaneously. My fascination with the mind/body/emotion process of creating music led to completing degrees in piano and music education at McGill University in Montreal and to a thirty-year career as a pianist and teacher. My interest in transpersonal and somatic psychology began when I was doing graduate work in education and includes trainings in Psychosynthesis, Reiki, intuition development, Inner Relationship Focusing, mindfulness meditation, energy therapy, and Somatic Experiencing®.

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SE™ Practitioner

Professional Title

Somatic Therapist, Focusing Trainer, CFP, SEP

Professional Certifications

Inner Relationship Focusing, Reiki Master, Matrix Energetics, Psychosynthesis