Hafizullah Chishti


Hafizullah Chishti

I have a special interest in the intersection between psychology and spirituality, and especially in how trauma blocks effective spiritual practice, how spiritual practice can destabilize our defenses — and how trauma can be a portal to deeper spiritual awareness and a direct experience of our own inherent wholeness and perfection.

I am a lineage-holder (senior teacher) in the Sufi tradition and got my start in “self-work” through Gestalt and deep bodywork — leading, in-turn, to some years of Buddhist practice and then to the fully-embodied path of the Sufis.

I have also been challenged and gifted in life and on the spiritual path by my neurodivergence, and am developing practical guidance for neurodivergent spiritual seekers and their neurotypical guides. Though spiritually-mentored by the Sufis, I have no interest in distinctions of religion and path, theism and atheism. My passion is sharing in sacred space and spiritual practice with those who are awakening.

As a cis/het white male, I’m aware of my unearned privilege and strive to be a educated & supportive ally to those in marginalized and targeted communities, and to provide care at low cost or trade to those who are struggling financially. Sessions with me generally run 80–90 minutes to give ample time for post-process “settling.”

I generally include a free 20-minute (±) consultation via coffee date, Zoom, phone, or Facebook Messenger to make sure we’re a “fit.”


  • Relational/Relationship Issues
  • Self-Esteem
  • Spirituality
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