Jennifer Carter

SE™ Practitioner


Luminous Heart Counseling & Psychotherapy

My Philosophy
I do this work because I feel that people are incredibly resilient and good. I try to help people come back to themselves after painful and difficult events have occurred. I believe that just because people make choices that can be unhelpful or even destructive, it doesn’t make them a bad person, but that these choices provide us the opportunity to see what needs aren’t being met. Together we can uncover those needs to support you in living a life of your choosing, rather than one that is choosing you.




My Style
I am interested in creating a therapeutic relationship rooted in curiosity about what is happening in your mind and in your experience of your body. I believe that you are your own best expert, and it is my role to help you learn how to listen to the language of your body so that you can make sense of what is happening. Together, we collaborate in learning how to help your mind and body heal. I am able to teach you about the language of the body, so that we can uncover the body’s wisdom.




I help people learn how to describe and sense into their bodies to relate to feelings, thoughts, sensations, and behaviors. Once we know the language of the body, you can start to allow the energy of what is being stuck in cellular memory to begin to move and release. The body is brilliant in being able to protect the parts that we don’t know how to deal with or heal. This is what creates the symptoms related to unresolved trauma. However, when the body and mind start to trust that you know how to process the intense experiences of trauma, it will allow us to revisit the energy in the body, creating space for the needed mobilization responses to allow for trauma resolution. This helps the body feel safe enough to explore these sensations without dissociating, and letting the body heal from the experience now when it couldn’t then, which then allows for healing.





SE Level

SE™ Practitioner

Professional Title

Licensed Professional Counselor

Professional Certifications

Licensed Professional Counselor

Post Advanced Certificates

  • Touch Skills Training