Lael Keen


Lael Keen

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Rolfer, Intern for Art Therapy

Lael Katharine Keen--is an Advanced level Instructor of Somatic Experiencing® for the S.E.® Trauma Institute and a founding member of the A.B.T. (Associacao Brasileira do Trauma—the Brazilian SE Association).

She has been a Rolfer since 1984 and teaches Rolfing® and Rolf Movement® for the Rolf Institute. Lael holds a 5th degree black belt in Ki-Aikido and is a teacher of both Ki-Aikido and Shin Shin Toitsu Do—Mind and Body Coordination, certified by the Ki Society International in Tokyo Japan.

She teaches in the US and Brazil and around the world, for both the Rolf Institute and the SE® Trauma Institute. She is currently completing her internship in Art Therapy and lives in the Brazilian rainforest with her husband (also an SE® teacher) and her daughter.


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