Maggie Truelove


Maggie Truelove


I offer a compassionate space for empowerment, growth and healing work in a practice based in nervous system regulation, mindfulness, somatic and attentional wellness. I am an approved beginning year session provider for SE students and an SE assistant.

My clients want more wholesome pleasure, settledness and self-expression in daily life. They would like to cultivate an alternative to the constant swing between overwhelm/stress and the stuck, checked out, "freezy" lows. My clients struggle with issues related to chronic fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses, and struggle to feel freedom in how they direct their attention. They want a safe space to share, learn and work experientially with accessible practices.

I believe that we deserve to be seen and heard with non-judgement, compassion and positive regard, and that our nervous systems do what they do for a reason (many reasons). I believe that toxic shame can be healed, and that we can continually seek out the support, nourishment and feedback we need to learn, heal and grow, in order to align with our real values and to express our hopes and dreams. Authentic and sustainable change comes from a place of safety, respect and self-love.

I am not a therapist and do not provide mental health treatment. I am a Somatic Practitioner and Coach, which means that I listen and hold space for clients' sharing and experiences, and I offer experiential practice, guidance and coaching based in an understanding of how the body holds and processes chronic stress. My background is in bodywork, Empowerment Self-Defense, nonprofit work, and I trained in Somatic Experiencing and Organic Intelligence- two leading modalities for nervous system regulation, post-traumatic growth, and empowerment. My practice is deeply influenced by many years of study in my former Buddhist lineage, as well as study in nonviolent communication, secular mindfulness practice and healthy relationship.

I live just South of Portland, OR with my partner and two cats. My interests includes learning from indigenous perspectives, decolonization, animism, feminism, dance, writing, music, cooking and baking, backpacking and gardening. My practice is currently online.


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