Maggie Truelove


Maggie Truelove


Welcome! I am currently accepting new clients for virtual (telehealth) work. Please reach out via email ( or the contact form on my website:

I offer Somatic Experiencing and nervous system-based guidance and practice with the goals of empowerment, personal growth and healing. I work with adults from a variety of backgrounds, most often women and LGBTQ folks.

My clients are interested in clarity, self-love, simple, wholesome pleasure, settledness and self-expression. They would like an empowering container to cultivate an alternative to the swings between chronic fight, flight or fawn responses and stuck, "freezy" lows.

My background is in bodywork, Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence (another leading modality for nervous system regulation and post-traumatic growth), Empowerment Self-Defense, qi gong, Buddhist study and practice, and secular mindfulness. I am an approved beginning year session provider for SE students and an SE assistant.

I am based in the area South of Portland, OR, on Clackamas land.


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Maggie Truelove, SEP
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