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Maggie Truelove, SEP, CMT


I am an SEP and practitioner of Organic Intelligence (OI). I am an OI Mentor and a Coordinator for the Human Empowerment and Resiliency Training (learn more about this work at My professional background is in bodywork, and I practiced Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Medical Qigong from 2007-2017. I have studied and practiced in a Tibetan and Chan Buddhist tradition for many years, teach meditation, and love supporting Buddhist and other practitioners in the integration and embodiment side of their spiritual process.  

I see adult clients who would like support in returning to a state of wellbeing, peace and aliveness. My work is based in principles of the body and nervous system, and takes place in dialogue, as opposed to hands-on bodywork. 

One of my passions is working with women and LGBTQ+ individuals in experiencing their own worth and basic goodness. My approach is deeply non-pathologizing and based in systems theory, in other words, an acknowledgement that our experience is made up of countless causes and conditions, that the burden you carry isn't your fault, and while there may be a lack of support in your current experience, you do not need "fixing." Healing one's sense of self-worth involves the development of trust in one’s own biology: your body, your experience, your intuition. My approach addresses this process at the level of the nervous system, which not only involves thoughts and beliefs, but the "completion" of self-protective responses (motor programs of fight and flight), in tandem with the development of boundaries, connection to the environment through the senses, and a slow-but-sure reappropriation of... pleasure! You may find that through this inner “pleasure activism”, your nervous system settles and an experience of stability, connection, mindfulness and curiosity becomes available.  

The folks I see come from a variety of backgrounds, some who have experienced trauma, including abuse and neglect, and many who suffer from symptoms related to our often isolating modern culture, including chronic stress, depression and anxiety. In a session together we will talk, explore imagery, feelings and sensations, and at times incorporate gentle movement. 

You can contact me by emailing Information on my rates can be found on the Contact page of my website. My office is in inner SE Portland, and I offer sessions online as well. I look forward to connecting! 




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Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist (license #58496)