Paul LeungFai Chung

SE™ Practitioner


50 Plus Consultancy

I practice as a NLP Coach since 2003, with Fr. Geoge Zee, S.J., Leo Angart and Judith DeLozier as my teachers and mentors since 1996. I am among the first group of SEPs in Hong Kong in 2012.








I am offering SE sessions, NLP coaching sessions, somatic works demos in Hong Kong and China. I once try to start the same in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. However, due to the latest developing strategy of SETI, the Cambodia project has been suspended.








I am a member of the first Taiwan SEP training assisting team. I am also assisting the SEP-HK2 and SEP-HK3 SEP training in Hong Kong. I will also be assisting the SEP-HK4 training. I am an Advance Level Personal Session Provider. (Browse for details).








Sometimes, it is hard to differentiate coaching, counselling and therapy. My approach is, If you think you have a physical problem, please go to a physician. If you think you have a psychological problem, go to a counsellor, or even a psychiatrist. If you think you have a marriage problem, go to a marriage counsellor. But if you want to breakthrough something and move forward to a new horizon, whether physically or psychologically or socially, I am the one who can walk with you for the next few steps.








Feel free to call me for a free intake or even a free SE session. May God be with you!

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SE™ Practitioner

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NLP Coach

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NLPU Certified Trainer & Consultancy 2000