Shanly H Weber


Shanly H. Weber

Somatic Therapist, Mindfulness Meditation, Chi Kung and Healing Touch

Shanly Weber, MA, SEP is a registered psychotherapist and a skilled practitioner trained in mindfulness meditation, medical chi kung, Somatic Experiencing and Feeding Your Demons. Shanly has traveled, lived and worked throughout the world, including in third world countries. Her extensive travel and study adds depth to her understanding of other cultures. Her experience with development and marketing in the non-profit sector (including universities, schools and independent film work) also brings maturity to her practice. Shanly brings years of experience to her clients along with genuine passion for the study and teaching of mind body awareness techniques.






  • Addiction
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • Grief and Loss
  • Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse
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