Stephen Burke


Stephen Burke

Executive Coach & Executive Team Coach

'Somatic Experiencing is how we do what we do. Not what we do.' ~ Peter Levine

I am a nerdy Aerospace Engineer (a dear friend once called me that!) turned Executive Coach and Executive Team Coach working with execs and exec teams in global organizations and founders and leadership teams in startups / scale ups. The transition between those worlds paralleled a deep and ongoing journey of self discovery in Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Therapy and many, many hours of SE based therapy myself.

I believe that business has a unique potential to create the change we all want to see in our world and I therefore deliberately focus my work on clients engaged in organizations. I work with leaders and leadership teams who are willing to embrace their whole selves, the light and the dark, in creating the impact they want to have in the world and the life they feel most inspired to and called to live. Clients who know that, ‘what got them here may not get them there’ and are willing to do the warrior work to create that from their being. Somatic Experiencing is the foundation of how I do what I do.

So, this is about YOU! What's the big opportunity that, if you committed to it, would change the trajectory of your life and work? What's the part of you that you have been running away from that, if you faced it, integrated it, your whole sense of being would change, unleashing an ease, self love and potential that you have locked away for sooo long? That's what we will address together in service of you and your relationships and your highest calling and impact in our world.


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